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The RetroComputing Web Ring is a gathering of websites that have a common demonstrate our LOVE/HATE for computers.

If you have a website that qualifies and you would like to join the RetroComputing Web Ring, continue reading and follow the instructions below.

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Got a Question for us take a look at the FAQ, if this does not answer your question tell the Webmaster


Frequently Asked Questions

Where do we have to put the code on our site.

On your Home page, if you put the code on other pages it would help the Web Ring Grow and that will benafit all members.

Can I put the code in a frame page.

Yes you can, but the links will have to open in the whole window and not in the frame.

Will you promote the ring or the site ?
We will only promote the Ring and then the Ring will promote the sites

How will you separate sites for ease of use, by geographical location or type, etc.
The sites will be listed in the order they join the ring.

I noticed a few banners which I assume will be the way you intend to fund the RetroComputing Web Ring, are their number and frequency likely to increase?
The banners are out of The RetroComputing Web Ring control, it is how the kind folk at the fund their site and make web rings possible.

Lastly, should we join the ring, we would want assurances that our name would not be used in any way without permission.

We have no intention to use your name, email etc.

Can we can leave the ring at any time without penalty.

If and I hope you do join the RetroComputing Web Ring you will be given an id number, this and your password gives you access to your details you can remove your site from the Ring