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World decade for cultural development 1988/1997

The world Decade was officially launched in 1988 by UNO and UNESCO.

The programme originated from the debate about development, it adds culture to the list of prevailing factors in the pursuit of the improvement of the societies' life.

"Culture"?, Cultures! Here, life is the theme we are dealing with, in all its diversity, with its contradictions and also with the hope to be going towards a better-being.

Four concepts define the Decade:

1. Acknowledging the cultural dimension in development
2. Asserting and enhancing cultural identities
3. Broadening participation in cultural life
4. Promoting international cultural co-operation

In the spirit of the Decade, therefore, the notions of development, identity and exchange coincide with the one of culture. This connection tells us that the notion of cultural development does not only refer to the arts, but also to all the distinctive features of the workings of a society: its values, references structures, etc.