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What would you get from the F.W.T. network ?

- moral " protection " for your project from the time the application is received by the International Secretary and during

the life of the project

- monitoring by the International Secretary with experts in various subjects to assert that the F.W.T. keeps on complying with its mission in all aspects.

- stimulation from the network of " Friends of the World Treasures " who share the sames values and objectives and will enjoy exchanging human and material resources.


Which enlightens the meaning of a strong connection between:

- a particular element of the cultural heritage.

- a local consensus to support this element as a community property.

- a membership in the international network through which its specific role will be promoted and valued as a model.

The social consensus might come from the surrounding population or a significant number of this population, usually an association fairly represented. The point is that the preservation practice has to be sustained in a FIRM AND CONTINUOUS WAY by an adequate number of people.

The chosen protected element is the landmark to pull together the surrounding population. The involvement is primarily a personal one more than a shared one : it acts as a social catalyst for the group. This link reveals the importance of the " World Treasure " from a local point of view and the potential international outreach for empathy and cultural exchanges.

This international dimension is very important as it allows the sharing of experiences in establishing the requested strategy. Very often in different countries similar problems are come across, mutual advice can stimulate problem solving with the same spirit and geared to the same goal: to preserve the Cultural Heritage.

The strength of the F.W.T. network chain depends on the reliability of each and every link. But first of all, each " World Treasure " has to gather the ethical and social conditions for a consensus to sustain the project while taking advice from other operating projects.

To all the leaders and promoters (within or outside of the Unesco clubs) F.W.T. network becomes an ethical reference and a special tool to diffuse the Cultural Heritage promotion.