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Free Software as a World Treasure

Free Software GNU is an immaterial cultural element of exceptional value and worldwide renow.
Free Software is the product of a large community that is deeply involved in the defense and promotion of vital elements of the local cultural heritage in the world of Free Software, thus highlighting its uniqueness and richness.
Free Software is economically sustainable: it promotes the cultural development of the community in a unique way, meeting both social and economic needs. This is an aspect that suggests its adoption by less economically developed countries.
Free Software is based on and creates exchanges between people and communities. From the local point of view it is the landmark that groups together the free software community in the defense, preservation and development of a cultural patrimony that is complex, yet unique in its meaning. Internationally it is a unique point of reference in the field of information technology that fully partecipates in the confirmation of the cultural values and richness that originates from the contributions of diverse cultural identities.
UNESCO has shown attention towards Free Software, recognizing its important social value, to the point of creating a portal for it on the UNESCO web site.
Free Software is founded on the right to freedom, and on a mechanism of freely sharing and exchanging knowledge that teaches, propagates and reinforces the right of freedom.
Free Software is generally of high quality as a result of the cooperation of individuals throughout the world, the sharing of knowledge, and the verification of the correctness through experimentation. Infact, the more easily accesible information is, the easier is to verify, correct, improve and integrate.
And finally, Free Software also has a high educational value, and stimulates even in the youngest of minds the reflex and knowledgeable use of tools.